Thursday, November 29, 2012

From Bleach Blonde To A Red Head

I've gone red ladies! Yesss i tried to become a blonde but it just didn't work for me. No matter what i did i couldn't get that orange to go away. My roots were bleach blond but my ends lord have mercy were a crazy orange color !  

so i went to the beauty supply store and they told me to just use a regular blond hair color because it will tone and get rid of the orange. Of course i would already have the color in my hair when i realize the the the color of the dye bottle! In my blonde dye bottle was orange hair dye long story short i dyed my whole head orange!
I tried to rock it y'all Just make it look decent. Everybody loved the color my girlfriends my parents who hate every color other then my natural hair color loved this horrible color. I had to dye my hair again  i just refused to go into thanksgiving with orange hair! No matter how many complements i received my mind was set i chose two shades of red.
Creme of nature Intensive Red was the the first color it would of been the only color if i bought two boxes. It takes two boxes to cover my whole head so i couldn't find the same box so i had to match it with another. I went to every drugstore and beauty supply store in town before i found a color.
Texture & Tones Blazing Burgundy slightly lighter then the intensive red so i put this one in the back of my head.
Creme of Nature intensive red dye placed in the front i sectioned the back and added Texture & tones to the back

I left the color in for an hour rinsed and deep conditioned. Blew my hair dry i started to flat iron but decided to just do a twist out instead  i did flat iron two section to show the color difference.The back is a raspberry red  kind of pinkish color.

The front was a deep red  the two shades complement each other beautifully.
To bring this long post to a close I used my Cantu Shea butter coconut curling creme A wonderful product smells amazing leaves your hair soft and moisturized for days without having to add any other products! anyways here is my twist out! 
Just pinned up the sides to get this curly mow hawk. I loved all of these product i will be buying the same colors to touch up my colors . check out these brands ladies they are affordable six bucks each! give them a try here are the links. Creme of Nature hair colors