Friday, December 25, 2015

Influenster Marc Jacobs Beauty

Marc Jacobs new mascara Velvet Noir is everything it clams to be! I got a chance test this beauty thanks to influenster. The packaging is sleek and has a bit of weight to it not cheap by any means.
My lashes looked so black and full. I got instant volume and amazing definition. I had no flaking at all even after a rub test. Removing was not tough but not super easy either.  it did clump really bad but that was due to my poor application. 

I say this mascara is worth it's 26$ price tag. I really enjoy it check in out at Sephora!!! . Want to review products you've purchased and get free items that just might be your new fave! Sign up for influenster!!!!

Tuesday, December 8, 2015

Carol's Daughter Hair Milk Review

Hello loves! A simple product review for my natural brothers and sisters out there. This is my take on this product and how it worked for me. 
Now i'm an avid user of Carol's Daughter products. I love the brand all the products i love BUT... The Hair Milk. Just won't work for me no matter how i tweak it. I've had this product for months and was only able to use three times. So i have a jar of something i just will never use again.
I did a twist out on freshly washed hair and the after math was treacherous. I was left with this nasty gunk in my hair that balled up. I didn't use that much of the product my hair was damp like it suggested on the jar.
Nothing helped, i tried to comb it out and style it but it just got worse and fell everywhere. 
This product was definitely a fail in my book an epic fail. I did try to use it again but same thing happend.
  My overall opinion is a negative one. However it did have a few pros. The softness was great it did leave my hair feeling hydrated. I wish i could've got this to work some how the shine it gives is pretty.
This product alone was 12$ on the carols daughter website . I bought mine in a set with the hair milk refresher spray for 23$

Thursday, October 1, 2015

YSL Rouge Pur Couture lipsticks

These lipsticks are absolutely gorgeous! From the sleek packaging to the to  fruity scent (skittles).  The rouge pur couture lipsticks retail for 36$ each and are satin finish. 
 #9 is Rose stiletto, a rose brown this lipstick is so hydrating  it honestly feels like a lip balm instead of a lipstick.

#19 Fuchsia A seriously vibrant pink  the shine on these lipsticks are like that of a gloss. 
 When it comes to lipstick i'm More Of a matte girl. These lipsticks are seriously hydrating almost too hydrating for me. You will need a liner the moisture  causes feathering. 
All in all i really enjoy this lipsticks they feel like a luxurious lip balm. My lips feel amazing with them on and even after i take them off.
Check out if you like to review products!

Friday, September 18, 2015

Are you a K-pop and k-drama fan

+DramaFever  is the best place to watch all of your favorite Korean stars.
They have access to the top dramas and verity shows. You stay in the loop when it comes to your favorite k-pop stars dramafever always has the scoop.

Being a fellow V.I.P just got more exciting with the the latest addition to the site. 

I'm so excited to see my bias Kwon Jiyong when he was a little baby dragon lol. "BigBang The beginning" is a documentary on how the group was formed. And the trials and tribulations  on their road to mega stardom. +BIGBANG 

Running man brings the funny and the nonstop adventure. With funny man  +Yoo Jae Suk  the hostess with the mostest lol. The cast has a chemistry that sucks you in. See them team up to complete missions, or go head to head in an all man for themselves nametage elimination! Featuring top idols like +BIGBANG  +2pm  and girls generation. Actors from your fave films come to play as well!

Dramafever has all the drama you need with easy subtitles . Watch from oldie but goodie tiles like Boys over flowers and Heirs. To the latest and greatest like School 2015 and The scholar who walks the night.

Go check out dramafever watch for free. Or check out the subscription they offer for a commercial free experience 

Monday, June 29, 2015


Brows: dipbrow pomade
face: mac studio fix fluid NC45
Contour: Anastasia carob
Highlight: Anastasia creme highlight, the balm Mary-Lou manizer
Bronzer: mac global glow the balm Betty-Lou manizer
Eyes: Lorac pro palette
Lips: Sephora creme lip stain in red 1

Sunday, June 7, 2015

My Best Friend is Now My Enemy

Am i wrong??!!??

 we all know are best friends dirty laundry right? how many guys they've slept with, Who they're cheating on their man with, what girl they hate and so on. None of that stuff gets to you until it gets to close to home.

 I set boundaries fast, I'm the only girl out of a house hold of brothers and male cousins. I let her now how much my family means to me and i separate my friends when it comes to them. Meaning stay away from my family. So this girl would smile in my face and do exactly that. She slept her way thru my family tree. first my cousins then my brothers when i found out she was sleeping with my brother and my cousin she swore up and down that it was a one time thing. it would never happen again.  But they would always sneak off. she became this right of passage the girl they all slept with. I lost all respect for this girl.

 so it was hard to hang with her she started to act funny. she told my friends i was gay and let another girl move in so we could be together! when in reality it was one of her friends that got kicked out of her home and i was being a friend. More lies kept going thru this small circle and  things finally came to a head. Her and the girl i let stay with me came to my house like they were just gonna beat my ass lol. Funny but those are my best friends since first grade. 

We didn't speak for a year after that. But being human i did get lonely so we started to be friendly again.  but that only lasted a few months, With her came more drama. she started in-boxing my older bother who is married man. My sister in law flew of the handle. again she denies everything even the printed conversations. She always manages to make herself the victim. It was strange how all of a sudden are friendship meant everything to her and she started coming over everyday always complementing and being overly nice even bringing gifts and sweet talking my parents.
  I have a baby brother that used to be my world he was like my baby growing up i'm so over protective when it comes to him so when she had her sights on him i freaked the fuck out no lie. 
As soon as she got a holed of him he started spiraling out of control. this good boy who never got into fights, cussed, drank or smoked was getting arrested left and right. He was a dancer and just wanted to make it! 

He was leading the same life she was drugs alcohol disrespecting are parents i mean the things that would come out of his mouth were thing i heard her say to her mother so i knew where it was coming from. only thing he would talk about was her and killing himself.

we would build him back up and he would be great for months. Then she would come around and he would have scary lows. They way he acted towards me was that of a stranger. I started to hate this girl i feel absolutely nothing for her. Now her and my little brother have a child that i just can't get my self to feel anything for. I avoid and barley speak to my brother. when we do speak it's forced and i have to fake laugh, smile it takes a real tole on a person. 

 I have no feeling left it seems like i'm over reacting but a lot happened. My Christian parents are the forgive and forget type. Always comparing me to her, Now i'm getting heat for not being  affectionate towards them or anyone. I'm cold  i'm deemed this bad person now and its foreign place to me.  Am i really wrong ?        

Thursday, May 21, 2015


Hello my loves,  just opened up my @influenster voxbox!!!

NYC New York color is the brand for this box with a mascara and a felt tip liquid liner.  
The mascara has a nice big brush its not huge but its big enough to comfortably coat your lashes. 
The formula is dry and gives a nice coat to the lashes without that wet weighed down feeling. 
The felt tip liner is OK nothing special here. It's not as black as it says it's more of a murky black gray color.
It claims to be  a long wearing formula but it wipes off with ease. 
I'm not head over heels about the liner, the mascara however i will definitely repurchase.

Thank you so much to influenster for allowing me to test these products out! 

Tuesday, January 20, 2015


Let me just say this palette was worth missing the ball drop! lol i as well as most makeup junkies and +Jaclyn Hill fanatics stalked that website until we got it in our carts! I've only had time to swatch this palette after getting it, each shadow is beautiful. This is my  first eyeshadow purchase from Morphe i don't think it will be the last.
Jaclyn Hill is just stunning omg the picture on the back of the packaging is breathtaking.  I am all about everything this woman does.  I don't know if she's doing this on purpose or not. But everything Jaclyn Hill comes out with or is affiliated with is so universal. This palette is great for not only fair skin tones but women of color (everyone in between). With all the warmth this palette has and some cools it makes it fair for all skin tones.
 All of the swatch are without primer.
First row
this palette has a lot of dupes for a lot the shadows in the Venus palette.
Second row
The quality of these shadow are amazing so smooth. The mattes omg!
Third row
Fourth row
I got this palette for two reasons, to support Jaclyn Hill and to hold me over until i get my hands on the venus palette from lime crime. Now that i have the favorites palette i'm not as hard up for that palette. This palette is only 27 dollars for 28 shadow! Plus you can use the code jacattack to get a discount of the palette. The limited edition palette is sold out right now but will be restocked in February. 
So keep your eyes open for the restock next month!morphe brushes
Check out Jaclyn Hill you'll love her!!!