Saturday, February 11, 2012

New look Just in time for Valentines day.

I needed something new I was so tired of fighting with my unruly natural hair. Sometimes it can just be  impossible to work with. So i went online looking for a solution and ended up on . I've never worn a weave or wig before  i'm a first timer  but I have to say I think i'm in love!!! I did my research on how to apply,what to look out for and what you don't want in a weave or wig. I knew i didn't want the hassle of a weave so I started to look for my first wig. I was in luck they had a great selection and there was even a sale going on. My pick was a Model Model wig by the name of Carmen and she is beautiful.
I can honestly say Carmen is 29.99 well spent I love her  she had really great reviews i'm so happy I bought her. I'm already looking for my second unit. I orderd her on Friday around four in the afternoon and I recieved her on saturday 10:34 in the AM wow right shipping was amazing. If your thinking about extentions, pony tails or wigs is great place to look.

Saturday, February 4, 2012

So as we all know Valentine's day is on it's way and everybody is posting their valentine's day look. I decided to put a little spin on my look by adding a little more drama. Taking those pinks and purples and changing their persona and giving them a little attitude beacuse who wants to be a sweetheart when you can be a heartbreaker! So here's my look i call it My Poisonous valentine.

Thursday, February 2, 2012

My love for the 40's/50's

I've really been fascinated with the 1940's ,1950's era in Makeup and Fashion. Movie stars from that time were more glamorous in everything they did. They could be playing a killer but still decked out in diamonds with a fresh manicure and a full face. The pin-up girl was more sexy with a fuller figure, lips and eyebrows. To show my love for that era i tried to emulate that look in my own way.