Sunday, December 9, 2012

L.A. Girl pro HD Concealer swatches !

So i picked up a few things I've been wanting to try out. I searched for reviews on these products from Youtube to blogs and couldn't find a decent one, so alas i make my own. 
 I'm going to break this haul down into different posts starting with the concealer so this won't be one super long post.
Concealer, primer, lipstick OH MY! lol

Lets start with L.A. Girl Pro HD concealer I picked up five shades of this awesome product. This concealer is amazing it's a complete dupe for Makeup Forever's HD concealer for less then a fraction of the price WOW!

Left to right: Warm sand, Toffee, Creamy Beige, Warm honey and Fawn.
Smudged to show coverage and consistency.
 The consistency of this concealer is impeccable definitely full  coverage, Blends like a dream  and once it sets it doesn't budge! A little goes a long way. 
The applicator is not the best 
The only con to this incredible product is the applicator. Not my favorite thing at all it just seems unsanitary to me. The brush is attached  to the tube so once you use it make sure to get all the product off the brush before closing .

I think this is five bucks of glory if you haven't tried this product yet give it a go you'll love it! Just click here > Pro-Conceal . 
Let me know your pro's and con's on this concealer ,or if you have a better dupe!