Monday, December 15, 2014

Mac objects of affection pink and rose pigment set

Lets just take time to admire +MAC Cosmetics  packaging, lol it sparkles! The cameo medallion is so classy chic i love it.
 I got the pink set, i was stuck for a while trying to figure out the one i wanted most. I chose this set because i thought the pink and rose tones would complement my tan skin tone.
The colors are creamy and super pigmented. These are my first eyeshadow purchases from mac.  I can tell you right now that my shopping cart is already loaded with the other pigment sets. The sets are 35 $ for four pigments and one glitter at 2.5 gm one full size is 4.5 gm for 21$. 

Saturday, November 1, 2014

MY fall makeup haul/lip picks

 Lets start with +LORAC Cosmetics , i bought a lot of lippies!
Here is the royal lip set, these are cream glosses some are more opaque than others. 
colors from left to right: lady in waiting ( light peach), Royal Red (red), Reign (berry), Tiara (nude), Fairytale (coral) and your highness (bright pink).
All of the lipglosses are amazing not sticky at all they layer over lipsticks beautifully. 
This is the exclusive hsn set, so there are three colors you can only get if you buy from hsn.
 I will be purchasing the sephora set.  that set does come with more nude shades then berry.

I bought six of the pro matte lip pencils and the new foundation. I love the consistency of the pencils. there creamy but still matte with a great color range.
The foundation is very matte, great for oily skin. you have to work fast because you it set fast.
 It's a thinner formula not watery but not thick either.
top left to bottom right: rose brown, mauve, merlot, Nude, pink taupe and pink 
+Too Faced Cosmetics  La Creme lipsticks 
I love the packaging of these lipsticks.They have a weight to them. It let's you know that quality is there in packaging and product. Again the formula is amazing creamy and hydrating. 
Colors: Nude beach, Honey bear and Razzle dazzle rose. 
+AnastasiaBeverlyHills  custom contour palette
 I need them all, these powders are like butter . How does she do this? lol instead of buying the original i made a custom that i felt better suited me. 
left to right: Latte, Mello yellow, Havana, Carob, L'Orange and Golden peach. 
I have warm undertones i'm very yellow so i got colors that i felt fit me better. 
When it comes to contouring i don't play so i wanted to invest and i'm so happy i did. 
Powders are powders, just because it says contour doesn't mean it can't be an eyeshadow. 
I've been doing some serious smokey eyes with that orange honey! lol
Im going to break this into two parts for Part 2  will be mostly face products

Wednesday, October 29, 2014

I had weight loss surgery the vertical sleeve

I had the vertical sleeve gastrectomy

This procedure removes the greater curvature of the stomach. That's a total of 80% of the stomach removed, which leaves the remaining stomach the shape of a small banana. VSG curbs hunger, restricts the intake of food you eat and allows you to become fuller quicker. 
My procedure was laparoscopic, my doctor made 5 small incisions. I won't have a long healing process or a battle with surgery scars. This was taken three days after surgery my stomach swollen and still filled with the carbon dioxide. 

During surgery your stomach is filled with gas to allow better access to the stomach. The gas is the worst part thats where most of the pain comes from. After surgery  you have to pass it naturally, they will help you up and get you to walk around the unit to help move the gas down from the chest.  
I'm now three weeks post op, and on full liquids ( soup yogurt etc). I should be on mushy foods as in babies food or pureed food but i was pushed back. As far as weight loss i can't tell myself but the people around me are noticing. It's annoying in a way because you want to feel it and see it for yourself.
 I have lost a total of 36 pounds so far and i haven't started working out yet. I was just cleared to start working out so the weight should start coming off more aggressively.
 In my next post op update i will post a full body before and after.
If you would like to see what my my incisions look like now or have any question just comment below! 

Friday, January 24, 2014

Face of the day Valentine

I'm loving this look!  My not so sweet Valentine!
Products used:
Lorac pro palette (sable, Espresso)crease color) Champagne (inner corner highlight)
Vice 2 palette (xrated)lid color Habit(brow highlight) 

 L.A. Color jumbo pencil in Pretty in pink
Rimmel London Lash accelerator
LA Girl gel liner in paradise
NYC liquid liner
M.A.C Studio fix fluid
M.A.C Studio concealer
M.A.C Studio fix powder
Lorac shadow in sable (pro palette)
Blush: LA Girl  illuminating blush radiant and shimmer mocha 
Wet n' wild color icon liner in violet
L.A. Color Hydrating lipstick in vivid pink

Wet n' wild color icon in dark brown