Saturday, September 29, 2012

L.A Color Jumbo Eye Pencil Swatches

L.A Colors has struck gold with these jumbo eye pencils!!!

I know i love them they are really pigmented and creamy. Some may think a little too creamy when put up against NYX jumbo pencils. The creaminess doesn't seem to be a problem for me the color range is amazing and they make my eyeshadows pop like CRAZY.
See what i mean  POP! This is only one pencil Seas Shell i used as a base .I have NYX pencil in milk but let me tell you girls L.A Colors is giving them a run for their money. Check out some of these colors !!!

Left/Right    Sweet wishes : a slat color with a slight blue reflect, Beach Resort: a beautiful blue green, Salt water: a nice silver, Cherry Blossom : a light chrome pink.
Left/Right Pretty in pink: a satin pink, Bikini Time: A beautiful duochrome purple blue, Vacation Time: dark purple with silver glitter, Waves: Blue with silver glitter.
Left/Right Popsicle : hot coral, Limeade: creamy green, Summer Time : duochrome olive green/gold , Tropical Bliss: satin purple.
Left/Right Sun kissed: a copper bronze, Deepest Sun: a rusty gold, Sand Castles: a beautiful satin taupe, Caribbean: a frosty blue.
 Last but not least Sea shell: a creamy white. 
I'm in love with all of these colors i still have to pick up the rest of them. They'er amazing i can't say enough good things about them. The price is just as great pick them up at any Dollar General or Family Dollar for just a BUCK that beats paying four fifty for just one NYX pencil .Just look at the pay off !
If you tried these pencils let me know what you think of them !!