Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Face of the day Shany and L.A. Girl Cometics

I wanted to use colors i always overlook in all my palettes, i usually go for pinks and purples. But today i was really into blue.
 I used L.A. Girls Pro HD Primer on my lids this primer just grabs on to my shadows giving them bold color pay off.
I had absolutely no creasing, this primer is getting five stars from me. 
Shany 120 palette (blues/purples)
Urban decay Ammo palette (inner corner highlight)
 L.A. Girls pro primer white
Wet N Wild color icon pencil dark brown
M.A.C Studio Fix Fluid
L.A. Girl luxury lip cream (fling)
Viva glam gaga lipglass
shany brown eyeshadow 
Ebay 25 blush palette

Sunday, February 17, 2013

*********The Taste***********

Okay I've seen commercials for this show and they really didn't pull me in.  I just thought alright here we go again with another dumb contest show! This is so not the case , i decided to watch an episode and i got hooked. 

There is so much drama in this show because it's jam packed with all these alpha personalities! I now there is one guy that makes you wanna punch him in the face, every time he opens his mouth lol.

 This is definitely a five star show and i'm soo team Anthony!!!!Dig in ladies this show is worth the calories (get it lol). 
              Click here to catch up on all the episodes!!!   and let me know whose team your on!

Wednesday, February 13, 2013

****Face Of The Day ****

A smoked out pink look with nude lips.....
Or go bold with pink lips!!!

 pic 1 fling by L.A Girl
Pic 2 Spellbound by Covergirl
L.A Color Jumbo pencils in Pretty in pink and trapical bliss, shadow Shany 120 palette
Wet N' Wild color icon pencil in dark brown
M.A.C studio fix fluid nc45 blush ebay 25 palette

Saturday, February 9, 2013

A Twist OUT Frohawk Diva Style!!!

I just wanted to share this hair with you ladies!! I started with a simple twist out using olive oil and +Hair Rules curling cream.
I took them down with a little olive oil twisting in the opposite direction of the twist then pulled them apart to avoid  frizz.
I used organics edge control to smooth back the sides and pined  them using bobby pins
Thanks for stopping by i hope you try this out!!!
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Sunday, February 3, 2013

A Beautiful Twist Out Love

So i revisited a product that i just hated and to my surprise fell in love. I ranted about +Hair Rules  Kinky curly curling cream a year ago and it just sat on my shelf. Until i tried to use it for a twist out because it just wasn't working for my wash n go's.
I made sure to twist them tight for maximum definition just in case.  I slept on these babies overnight and took them out the next night to film a video.
You can see the definition even before i separate each coil (sorry my phone makes it's way into a few shots lol).  The shine and the softness was amazing .
Needless to say i loved my twist out all thanks to Hair Rules i'm so glad i payed you  a second visit lol.