Wednesday, May 22, 2013


Hello my loves, here is a day and night tutorial featuring +Keshia Glam  of +Hautedare . My first collaboration and I'm stoked about it so lets jump into my look!
To achieve  my night look here are the steps i took.
Apply your primer and base I'm using beach resort by L.A. Colors.
Apply your lid color I'm using a pear blue out of my shany 120 palette.

Add your crease colors and blend until satisfied I'm using a electric blue a matte by L.A. Colors. On my outer corner and in my crease then blend out my crease with a dark purple from my 120 palette. If you lost color in the process of blending just add more!
Apply your highlight I'm using a white gold from my 120 palette. For my bottom lash line i used NYX jumbo pencil in black bean then applied urban decay shattered on the inner part of the lash line and finished with a dark blue shimmer.
For my inner corner highlight i used polyester bride by urban decay. On my lips coral sheen a moister lipstick by L.A. Colors. I used a coral and a champagne blush from my 27 blush palette from ebay
Just another lip option vivd pink by L.A. Colors .. Go bold or go home right!?! lol
Check out +Keshia Glam day look ! All of her links will be blow. 

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Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Twisted mohawk trying something new

            This is my first attempt at this style its fairly easy.
I got a lot of complements on this hair great protective style for my naturals out there.

I will post a tutorial soon when i get it down better!