Friday, December 25, 2015

Influenster Marc Jacobs Beauty

Marc Jacobs new mascara Velvet Noir is everything it clams to be! I got a chance test this beauty thanks to influenster. The packaging is sleek and has a bit of weight to it not cheap by any means.
My lashes looked so black and full. I got instant volume and amazing definition. I had no flaking at all even after a rub test. Removing was not tough but not super easy either.  it did clump really bad but that was due to my poor application. 

I say this mascara is worth it's 26$ price tag. I really enjoy it check in out at Sephora!!! . Want to review products you've purchased and get free items that just might be your new fave! Sign up for influenster!!!!

Tuesday, December 8, 2015

Carol's Daughter Hair Milk Review

Hello loves! A simple product review for my natural brothers and sisters out there. This is my take on this product and how it worked for me. 
Now i'm an avid user of Carol's Daughter products. I love the brand all the products i love BUT... The Hair Milk. Just won't work for me no matter how i tweak it. I've had this product for months and was only able to use three times. So i have a jar of something i just will never use again.
I did a twist out on freshly washed hair and the after math was treacherous. I was left with this nasty gunk in my hair that balled up. I didn't use that much of the product my hair was damp like it suggested on the jar.
Nothing helped, i tried to comb it out and style it but it just got worse and fell everywhere. 
This product was definitely a fail in my book an epic fail. I did try to use it again but same thing happend.
  My overall opinion is a negative one. However it did have a few pros. The softness was great it did leave my hair feeling hydrated. I wish i could've got this to work some how the shine it gives is pretty.
This product alone was 12$ on the carols daughter website . I bought mine in a set with the hair milk refresher spray for 23$