Friday, September 18, 2015

Are you a K-pop and k-drama fan

+DramaFever  is the best place to watch all of your favorite Korean stars.
They have access to the top dramas and verity shows. You stay in the loop when it comes to your favorite k-pop stars dramafever always has the scoop.

Being a fellow V.I.P just got more exciting with the the latest addition to the site. 

I'm so excited to see my bias Kwon Jiyong when he was a little baby dragon lol. "BigBang The beginning" is a documentary on how the group was formed. And the trials and tribulations  on their road to mega stardom. +BIGBANG 

Running man brings the funny and the nonstop adventure. With funny man  +Yoo Jae Suk  the hostess with the mostest lol. The cast has a chemistry that sucks you in. See them team up to complete missions, or go head to head in an all man for themselves nametage elimination! Featuring top idols like +BIGBANG  +2pm  and girls generation. Actors from your fave films come to play as well!

Dramafever has all the drama you need with easy subtitles . Watch from oldie but goodie tiles like Boys over flowers and Heirs. To the latest and greatest like School 2015 and The scholar who walks the night.

Go check out dramafever watch for free. Or check out the subscription they offer for a commercial free experience