Tuesday, January 20, 2015


Let me just say this palette was worth missing the ball drop! lol i as well as most makeup junkies and +Jaclyn Hill fanatics stalked that website until we got it in our carts! I've only had time to swatch this palette after getting it, each shadow is beautiful. This is my  first eyeshadow purchase from Morphe i don't think it will be the last.
Jaclyn Hill is just stunning omg the picture on the back of the packaging is breathtaking.  I am all about everything this woman does.  I don't know if she's doing this on purpose or not. But everything Jaclyn Hill comes out with or is affiliated with is so universal. This palette is great for not only fair skin tones but women of color (everyone in between). With all the warmth this palette has and some cools it makes it fair for all skin tones.
 All of the swatch are without primer.
First row
this palette has a lot of dupes for a lot the shadows in the Venus palette.
Second row
The quality of these shadow are amazing so smooth. The mattes omg!
Third row
Fourth row
I got this palette for two reasons, to support Jaclyn Hill and to hold me over until i get my hands on the venus palette from lime crime. Now that i have the favorites palette i'm not as hard up for that palette. This palette is only 27 dollars for 28 shadow! Plus you can use the code jacattack to get a discount of the palette. The limited edition palette is sold out right now but will be restocked in February. 
So keep your eyes open for the restock next month!morphe brushes
Check out Jaclyn Hill you'll love her!!!