Monday, April 16, 2012

Can we say nail polish junkie!!!!!!!!

                          Who doesn't love nail polish!!!

Yes I can honestly say i'm a junkie and I love it lol. 
If i'm in any store
I just have to walk down the cosmetic aisle it's
like a magnetic force pulling me to it 
I really can't stop it lol.

I always rectify a nail polish purchase by telling myself of course 
I need this! It's not like I have this shade if I do the consistency is completely different!
It's not just gonna sit in my draw i'm gonna use it! LOL

I do use a lot of nail polish my nails grow really long so i tend to got through my favorite colors quickly.
Here are some of my favorite looks.

  • I call this my Flower Girl

  • Easter Egg Hunt

  • Strawberry Kiwi 

  • Abstract! 

  • Jingle Bells!

  • Tuxedo 

  • Polka dot Bikini 


  • 16 Candles 
  • Yoshi 

  • Pink Royal

Those were just some of my favorite looks I hope you enjoyed.
please comment and tell me how many times a week you do
your nails and what looks you like to do!