Tuesday, May 8, 2012


As a naturally curly girl Hair Rules products are a big deal.
In the natural hair community we love anything 
that will keep our hair hydrated. Frizz free
and soft without giving us that crunchy
 weighed down feeling just easy breezy

With Hair Rules products it seems to go by extremes 
ether you love it or you hate it. I have yet to hear
an in between  review so of course I had
to try these products myself and thanks to 
www.Naturalycurly.com I got the chance.

I was sent  Kinky curling cream, Quench conditioner
and Moisture rich no suds shampoo for my 3c 4a hair.
 For the past few months I've been 
testing these products and now i'm giving you 
my honest review.

My hair wet without any products
after shampooing and conditioning with hair rules.
I can honestly say the shampoo definitely has 
lots of oil in it but reading the contents
nothing really scream moisture.
The shampoo has a mild relaxer smell to it.
While it was in my hair it felt like
I was washing my hair with Pink Lotion.
After rinsing my hair felt dryer 
then ever.
The conditioner has a great smell 
of lemon grass and coconuts .
Putting the quench conditioner on after 
the quench shampoo was a life saver for my hair 
it felt great even after rinsing.

I tried a twist out with the kinky curling cream
and it was horrible. It was shocking to me how
 awful it was. I think it was an error on my part 
with the outcome of the twist out.
 I won't be trying this product again until I
find a great moisturizer to go with
it. the dryness was scary 
enough to make you never want to
take a second chance.

For 42$ a bottle this stuff should have been great.
what doesn't work for me will probably 
work for you so I don't want to bash 
the product it just wasn't for me . 
Lets put it this way i'm glad it didn't
come out of my pocket.