Thursday, March 29, 2012

My hair journey to a sexy roller!!!

  • So this is my hair the beginning of last year before a trim

  • In the process of flat ironing and trimming 

  • So after coloring and ironing my hair it still looks healthy

  • So after all the heat I put my hair through last year it still kept its curl!So to celebrate my upcoming three year anniversary as a natural  I  finally decided to color my hair. I was so excited about my new length I wanted to show it off a little by going a little bold with the color.... Okay a lotta bit bold with the color LOL. I know it's like braking the natural hair law to dye your hair or apply heat  but you gotta do what you want!! LOL  so I decided to from a Auburn to a Blonde  then blond to a red head well half anyway .

  • I colored my entire head blonde  and sectioned my hair before adding  the red.

  • I applied the red to the section  I wanted and let it sit for 45 minutes then rinsed  and deep conditioned the blew it dry

I decided to style my hair with two kinds of rollers for texture I used sponge rollers on the blonde  then using perm rods in the back to get a smoother curl so the red would shine

I slept overnight in the rollers then took them out in the afternoon separating them in the front and picking them out in the back . I applied jell to my edges and pinned some of my curls in a different direction 

So after all of that i'm happy with my results I've received a lot of complements on the color which I love lol. The products I used: dark and lovely luminous blonde, l'oreal high color highlights  in red and herbal essence hello hydration . Sorry I know this post is a long one idk what that big gap is  lol