Saturday, October 13, 2012


Hey beauties have you heard about  influnster?
A social network based site for product advertisement.  Well let me fill you in inflenster is a site where people who are  vocial product junkies,foodies and moms who are always buying new things. Go to sound off about their latest  experience with new products they've  tried. Using their Influence to Qualify for Complimentary Product Shipments and Rewards.

A monthly  themed box  just like birch box But get this its all free. With full sized products all you have to do is sign up and take these little surveys and review product's you've tried. That  will gain you different badges. Rack up on badges and qualify for a voxbox. Which are completely random and can be given to any one that qualifies that month. 

A voxbox can come with almost any product depending on the theme of the box. After you receive  a box all you have to do is sound off about it .Go to your profile and check your box in  under your fun files tab. Review each item in your box let everyone know your thoughts on those items. You'll be glad you did because it will get you more badges and put you in the running for another voxbox. I know i'm excited  my box is on it's way to me right now and i can't wait to see whats inside the beauty blogger box!!!. Here's a link to the site  go sign up now you have nothing to lose !